• What is Raider.IO?

    We are a World of Warcraft fan site focused on providing new and interesting ways to view progression and other guild or character data. Specifically what this means right now is that we provide rankings and details for Raid Progression and Mythic+ Keystone Progression. This site is under very a...
  • I have an idea for a feature or a bug to submit, how can I reach the admins of Raider.IO?

    We love being in touch with the community and hearing what you have to say. Come chat with us on the Raider.IO Discord Server, Facebook or Twitter. You can also reach us by email here:
  • Where'd you get your logo?

    2019 Brand Refresh: Designer: Shannon Ray 2017 Original Logo: Designer: Matthew Stevenson
  • What's going on with the .IO domain?

    The .IO domain is a relatively new top-level-domain that is intended to represent the Indian Ocean. However, Raider.IO has recently learned of some ongoing conflict over this domain, where the people who should be earning money from sales of this popular domain, are sadly not. We wanted to help s...
  • Does Raider.IO Support Classic Mode?

    No, RaiderIO does not support Classic at this time.