Addon Not Updating

The addon is updated throughout the day. If you are using the Twitch Client then you will only have access to one addon database update per day.

The Raider.IO Desktop client provides more frequent and automated updates to the Raider.IO addon. By default, you will at least be able to update your addon twice per day, but the Desktop Client can provide up 8 updates per day depending on your status. Become a Patreon Member for more frequent addon updates and other perks.ย 

If you are using the Raider.IO Desktop Client alongside the Twitch Client you will want to ensure that the Twitch Client is set to โ€œIgnoreโ€ the Raider.IO Addon, otherwise it may attempt to downgrade the Raider.IO Addon.

You can download the Raider.IO Desktop Client here.

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