How do I link my Battle.Net Account?

Once you have created a Raider.IO Account you can then link it to your Battle.Net Account to claim all your max level characters and be allowed to customize their Raider.IO profiles. Just follow these simple steps.

1. Claim Your Characters

Click the Claim Your Characters link at the top of your screen, or choose the My Account > Settings option from the dropdown. This will take you to the "Blizzard Settings" screen.

2. Link Your Blizzard Account

  1. Choose the Region your account belongs to. NOTE: To link multiple regions, you just need to choose all of the regions that you want to connect.
  2. Click the "Link Blizzard Account" button

3. Grant Raider.IO Access to Your Character List

If this is your first time linking your account to Raider.IO you will be asked to give the site permission to access your WoW account. This screen looks something like the following: ![Blizzard Auth]( | =250x250)

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