I like Raider.IO and would like to show my support! What can I do?

We have a Patreon page where you can receive perks in exchange for your pledge to support us. Check it out here.

A brief rundown of reward tiers can be found below:

Revered - $5 per month

  • Browse Raider.IO AD-FREE!
  • Minimum score requirement removed from addon
  • Elevated queue priority
  • Custom Vanity URL for your guild or character
  • Desktop client updates scores 4 times a day
  • Exclusive profile header background options
  • Revered Patron rank in Discord

Exalted - $10 or more per month

  • All rewards from Revered tier
  • Desktop client updates scores 8 times a day
  • Queue priority elevated above Revered
  • Utilize up to 2 Custom Vanity URLs
  • Automatically qualify for all locked header backgrounds
  • Exalted Patron rank in Discord

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