How to Fix Conflict with CurseForge and RaiderIO Client

If you run both the RaiderIO Client and the CurseForge client you will need to make sure to prevent CurseForge from attempting to update the RaiderIO addon.

The RaiderIO Client always receives data that is more updated than CurseForge, but the CurseForge client is not able to know this so it will override the version of the addon you have installed with what it thinks is the latest.

To resolve this issue in the CurseForge client follow these instrucitons:

  1. Launch the CurseForge Client
  2. Right-click on the RaiderIO addon
  3. Hover over "Install Settings" and make sure "Auto Install Updates" is not click and that "Ignored" is clicked

This should look like the following:


After doing this, just hit "Refresh Addon" in the RaiderIO Client to make sure you have the latest version and then either reload your UI (/console reloadui) or restart World of Warcraft.

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