My Alt character won't show the stats for my Main character on the Addon Tooltip

There are several reasons in which a character will stop showing the stats of your main character. Here are some options to consider:

Character Inactivity

Any character that is inactive for four or more consecutive days will be removed from the addon. This is to help with data bloat in the addon and keep build generation time as low as possible. If your character has been inactive and you need your data to show on the tooltip again, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your character.
  2. Do a raid boss (not lfr), a m+ dungeon, or a world quest.
  3. Log out of the character.
  4. Go onto the Raider.IO website, to your character's profile. Towards the top you'll see a blue Update Character button. Click on that. 
  5.  At this point, the character should show up in the next addon build that generates.

Character does not meet minimum requirements

Please refer to our minimum requirements FAQ for information on this. Your character needs to meet the minimum requirements or they will not be shown in the addon. This also means your main character’s data will not show on that character until it meets the minimum requirements.

Character recently transferred or name changed

In some situations, a character that has recently transferred or name changed may have an old character profile and a new one, confusing the addon on where that character data belongs. If you think this may be the case, please contact a moderator or submit a ticket to have your character reviewed.

Third Party Access is disabled or needs to be reset

The third party access setting on your account may be disabled or malfunctioning. Follow the step in this FAQ to reset your to Raider.IO connection.

Character's updated score hasn't been processed yet.

The addon updates once a day for those that downloaded the addon via curseforge, wowup, etc. It updates twice a day if you have the desktop client installed. Patreon supporters get updates up to four times per day. Depending on when your character met the minimum requirements, your data may not be in the addon yet. In this case, you just need to wait for the next addon build to generate.

Addon not up to date

In some cases your addon may not be updating properly. Be sure that your addon is on the correct build. If you type /rio in game, the addon build will be at the top of the window (the v number).

build number.PNG

To know what build you're on, you read the number like this: the first four numbers after the V are the year, the next two are the month, the two after that is the day, and the last four are the time.

Oct 30, 2023

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